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Bringing the taste of Africa to you!

Since it still is a bit difficult to travel in the times of the ongoing pandemic and we can not bring you to Africa at the moment we have decided to bring Africa to you! And what better way to do that than to share some of our favorite African recipes with you so you can explore and experience the fragrances and tickle your taste buds right where you are.

Chakalaka cooking

We have added a new area on our homepage dedicated to our favorite recipes and we will add more over the course of the coming weeks. Especially since summer should be on its way in Europe and a lot of the South African cuisine is based on braai/bbq we are sure that it will spice up the classic cooking.

All recipes come with precise instructions and you can easily differ between cooking times, difficulty and how many people it serves. As every recipe you are of course free to play with the spices and adjust according to your taste. We generally like it quite spicy, if that is not your cup of tea make sure you leave some of the pepper out or you may end up spitting fire!

For a start we set up two fairly easy yet delicious recipes, have a look in our new section:

Click here to see our recipes.

Ready to try something new? Let us know your experiences and share your versions with us.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.


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