Southern Africa Itineraries

Simply click on the pictures below to see the detailed itineraries of our Southern Africa Tours, Safaris and Action Packages. Please note that all itineraries can be adapted and changed in order to suite you the best. Fully customized itineraries are available on request as well, simply contact us on the live chat in the bottom right corner or send us a mail by clicking on the following link.

Cape Town to Okavango

RSA, NAM, BWA 21 days self-drive

Namibia & Caprivi

RSA, NAM, BWA 15 days self-drive

Safari Experience

RSA, BWA 15 days fully guided

Discover Namibia (Camping)

NAM 14 days fully guided

Chobe & Delta Explorer

BWA 8 days Fly-In Package

Zambezi Canoe Explorer

ZIM 6 days Fly-In Package

Stunning Chobe

BWA 4 days Fly-In Package

Cape Town to Chobe NP

RSA, NAM, BWA 21 days self-drive

Botswana & Caprivi

BWA, NAM 15 days self-drive

Namibia Experience

NAM 15 days self-drive

Wetlands, Highlands & Bush

SA, SZ 14 days self-drive

Zulus & Pearls

7 days Premium Package

Legendary Victoria Falls

ZIM 5 days Fly-In Package

Delta & Dunes Camping

NAM, BWA 15 days fully guided

Discover the Wild

RSA, BWA 15 days fully guided

Legendary Zambia

14 days Premium Package

Bush & Bike Experience

RSA, BWA 12 days cycling tour

Irresistible Okavango

7 days Premium Package

Zwaziland Adventure

SZ 6 days Action Package

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