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„Ich kenne keinen Morgen in Afrika, an dem ich aufwachte und nicht glücklich war.“ - Ernest Hemingway

Ghana is situated in West Africa with the Gulf of Guinea to its South and is surrounded by Ivory Coast in the East, Burkina Faso in the North and Togo in the West. The landscapes vary largely from the lush green nature around Lake Volta, to savanna landscapes in the North and stunning beaches all along the coastline.

Despite it is not among the best known tourist destinations in Africa it has still seen an increase throughout recent years and new hotels and lodges have been opening in various locations. Generally traveling on your own in Ghana is not very easy since the public transport is not always easy to use and that is why we only offer tours with a guide/driver in order to make sure you reach your destination safely. Apart from the roads Ghana is a very safe country and Ghanaians are generally very open minded towards visitors and offer a helping hand rather than trying to take advantage of you being a foreigner.

The most visited places are certainly the spectacular canopy Walkway in Kakum National Park, the beaches of the Western Region, Accra as the capital and the beautiful Mole National Park.

Ghana might not be the traditional destination in Africa but it is one which is definitely worth visiting.



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