Naankuse - Windhoek (30 mins)

Located only thirty minutes from Hosea Kutako International Airport amongst camel thorn trees, riverbeds, and a stone canyon, the Naankuse Lodge is perfectly situated to start or finish your trip to Namibia. With a range of enjoyable activities available, including carnivore feeding tours, and cheetah walks, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable African holiday with us.


We encourage you to come visit us at the Naankuse Lodge for a day or a week and experience Namibia. You won’t regret it!


Whether you choose to stay in a villa or a chalet, you’ll get the exquisite experience of being away from the hustle and bustle of town and become part of the tranquility and joy of the wild.

Our lodge accommodation includes six lavish in-suite chalets, each comprising a delightful blend of rich ethnicity and modern extravagance, while offering a secluded retreat from the ruggedness of Africa. All rooms are extravagantly appointed and have been designed to offer total privacy and comfort in harmony with their surroundings. Rooms boast large twin beds, air-conditioning, in-suite bathrooms and have their own private veranda with views overlooking the beautiful bush veldt.


Our villas have been designed with immaculate attention to detail to create a feeling of natural beauty and comfort. The villas incorporate the ethnic and rustic atmosphere of Africa, while offering the ultimate in indulgent accommodation. Each villa is under a thatch roof that exudes embracing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Grass, wooden logs, stones, and mohair together with extravagant linen and bedding are a unique combination that complements the lodge experience.

Regardless of your choice of lodge accommodation, you will also have easy access to our swimming pool area where you can relax absorbing wonderful views over our natural stone canyon. Enjoy a glass of Neuras NamibRed or Painted Wolf Chardonnay by the pool to combine relaxation with the tastes of Africa.


Even if you’re not spending the night at our lodge, we welcome you to visit us for lunch or dinner. Our Sunday buffet is extremely popular and offers a mix of culinary delights for your palate!

Our award-winning lodge team, including Chef Rhona Strauss, has taken African cuisine to new, mouth-watering levels. Whether you’d prefer breakfast in our dining room, a picnic in the veldt, or dinner under the stars, we will be ready to look after your every culinary need.

Our menus of African cuisine change daily as we cook with local, seasonal ingredients. We truly believe in being one with the nature around us, so our dishes change with the seasons.


Behind the Scenes Tours of the Naankuse Sanctuary

During this very special activity with Naankuse Foundation founder, Marlice Van Vuuren, you will have breakfast at our beautiful lodge and then depart for a walk with our frisky caracals. Afterwards, guests visit the animal food preparation area and learn about our research and volunteer project. You will have the chance to socialize with the baby baboons and meet our famous three-legged cheetah, Lucky. Guests can also spend time up-close with our three tame cheetahs, Kiki, Aiko and Aisha; observe our wild dogs; and visit our impressive lions.

This activity should be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance and is dependent on availability. The tour begins with breakfast at the lodge at 07:00 and can last between four and six hours

Carnivore Feeding Tour

The carnivore feeding tour is our most popular activity! Join our exciting and informative full carnivore feeding tour for a once in a lifetime wildlife experience. During the course of this tour, you will visit and watch lions, leopards, wild dogs, baboons, caracals and cheetahs as they are fed by our qualified guides. You will hear stories about how each animal came to Naankuse and learn more about their behavior in the wild. This activity is an excellent opportunity for fantastic up-close photographs. Carnivore feeding tours take place daily at 10:00 and 15:00, with a minimum of one person. We ask that you book at least one day in advance.

Cheetah Walk

Explore the Naankuse landscape on a walk with our cheetah Kiki and one of our experienced guides. During this walk, there is an excellent chance of spotting small antelope, white-backed vultures and other exciting bird species. This activity leaves the lodge every morning at 08:00, lasts approximately two hours, and is not child-friendly. We advise booking at least one day in advance. 

Caracal Walk

Take a walk with our tame caracal and our guides at the Naankuse Lodge. During this walk, guests see how these animals behave in the wild, stalking birds and small mammals as they regain their natural instincts and hone their hunting skills. You will also experience the complete silence of the Namibian veldt while spotting antelope and a wide variety of bird species. Volunteers from our volunteer project may join on the walk. Caracal walks start every morning at 08:00, last approximately 90 minutes and are not child-friendly. We advise booking at least one day in advance.

Guided Nature Walk

This five-kilometer guided walk is an excellent way to experience the veldt at the Naankuse Sanctuary. Spot different bird species including: the African hoopoelilac breasted rollers, the grey go-away-birdkori bustards, and many more. You may also run intowarthogsantelope, or black-backed jackals along the way. This is a great tour for bird lovers! This tour takes place daily at 16:00 and takes approximately two hours with a minimum of one participant. Please book at least one day in advance.

Ancient Skills Academy

The Ancient Skills Academy is our new activity hosted on the Naankuse Grounds. When visiting the academy, you will experience a variety of ancient San activities: tracking in the veldt, fire-making with traditional San fire sticks, seeking out plants used for medicinal purposes, hunting and setting game traps, as well as traditional dances and singing! Tours occur daily at 10:00 and 15:00 with a minimum of two people for this child-friendly activity.

Bushman Stories under the Stars

Our nature guide will take you to the Naankuse Ancient San Skills Academy, where you will join the San Bushmen around their evening fire and listen to their traditional stories about the stars, animals, galaxies, and the universe. They might even entertain you with a few traditional dances and singing! This is a great way to experience the Namibian bush at night and share in a little piece of San tradition. This activity departs from the lodge at 19:15. We offer an early dinner at 18:30 to ensure guests are not hungry during the activity. The tour takes approximately two hours and requires a minimum of two participants. Please book one day in advance.

Horse-riding through the Veldt

There is no better way to experience the veldt and its wildlife than from a saddle. A 2 hour horse ride through the bush will give intermediate and advanced riders the chance to observe our game up close and if you are lucky, you will be able to ride amongst our family of giraffes. Our passionate coordinator will provide you with a helmet and guide you through this amazing adventure on horseback.Tours occur daily at 15:00 starting from the Main Lodge Building with a maximum of three people. Please note, that NO CHILDREN are allowed on this excursion.

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