Big 5 Review Part 5- Waterberg Game Reserve

After these 5 nights of greater Krueger experience and a bag filled with wonderful wildlife impressions, we headed north to the Waterberg Reserve. It is a 5 hours’ drive through lots of fruit plantations. It was nice to have a change of perspective and to suck up the vibes when driving through the changing landscapes, small towns and villages.


South Africa was in the middle of a heat wave and we were quite happy when we realized that our new lodge was situated in the Waterberg Mountains where a cold breeze and a warm welcome from the Bushwa Game Lodge Staff made our day. This reserve has no big 5 and when you arrive an Eland welcomes you at the reception. It is used to people hence it does not run away immediately. As a tourist this is just fabulous because this antelope is huge and absolutely majestic.  As genius as game drives can be,  as tiring they are, so we decided that the next two days would be used to recover and to enjoy the wellness facilities of the Bushwa Game Lodge.


The pool area is absolutely wonderful and the view when swimming is just fantastic. The tents are big and beautifully furnished.  The bed was great and the balcony gives you a breathtaking view over the Waterberg Reserve especially for sunset. The rooms have indoor and outdoor bathrooms and even massages and other wellness treatments were offered. All in all it felt like a full body recovery. For dinner you start with an aperitif served outside sitting around a campfire, chatting with other guests or you enjoy the stars and the atmosphere. Dinner can be served in-or outside, just as you like and the food is exquisite.

Game drives are offered during the mornings but here you do not need to get up at 04.30 a.m. but 07.00 a.m. is just fine. Timothy, the wildlife guide has a huge knowledge and is happy to answer all your questions. They have all kinds of antelopes, even sable and a huge number of different birds. At the time we were there they were trying to integrate a herd of buffalos into their territory.

Insider tip:


If you want to enjoy the pool and wellness services during the day opt for a walking safari during the early morning. This is a very good option in this reserve because it is more about the plants, insects and tracks. A nice alternative that makes you appreciate the small things that are going on in nature. After dinner you can opt for a night drive. A great experience, we have seen some owls, sables, wildebeest, jackal, bush-babies and did some beautiful stargazing.


This lodge was a nice change of pace because you could totally relax, no game drive timetables, no getting up in the middle of the night. All you had to do was enjoying the beautiful nature and spoil your body and soul.

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