Big 5 Review Part 3 - Sausage Tree

Three years ago, I was sitting in front of my laptop and I was looking at a Facebook Post from a friend. He posted some pictures of a camp called “Sausage Tree Safari Camp” in the Greater Krueger area in South Africa. The picture showed a luxury tent in the African Bush and the view one had when looking outside while lying on the bed. I fell in love with that scenery and gave myself the promise that one day I will go to that place no matter how long it will take.


And here I was, holding a Rum & Coke in my hand while lying in the pool with view over the water hole. This is an amazing feeling when you are in the middle of the Bush during a heatwave.

The Sausage tree camp lies in the Balule Nature Reserve, one of the homes of the big 5. After having examined the bush camp site with its luxury tents, the amazing views, the bar, the pool, the boma and the sundeck, we were ready for our first game drive. As a photography junkie, I was heavily armed and ready to shoot.


James was our driver and Kevin was the tracker. We got a security introduction on how to behave on a big 5 game drive. I was ready for a million impalas but not for what happened during the first 30 minutes of that drive.


James suddenly slowed down, we didn’t hear what he and Kevin were talking about but they seemed nervous, which was a sign for something special. He drove around for about 5 more minutes and then he stopped the car. “Look at your right and focus on the bushes”

It must be a funny picture when 8 tourists are sitting on an open 4x4 car, staring at a bush, cameras ready and even though the animal you are supposed to see stands almost right in front of you your eyes do not catch it. Only when the leopard left the bush and crossed the street, everybody was almost going crazy. 


I have been to many African countries and on many game drives and I never would have expected that the first of the big five showing up would be a leopard. This cat is so shy, perfectly camouflaged and adapted to the bush, that it is very hard to spot them. I have seen some before but they were mostly lying on trees. This situation was a big premiere.

After having spotted 4 of the big 5, everybody was keen to find the last one. Surprisingly, it was the elephant. The dry season, forced the elephants to stay close to the water. Hence we drove down to the riverbed where we spotted a huge group of elephants in the sunset lights. It was an amazing day. We had our sundowner here and watching an African sunset while having an Amarula is one of the sweetest pleasures I know.


The way back to the Lodge is kind of a night drive which is very impressive and stargazing is absolutely fantastic in this area. Dinner was served at the Boma. The tables were put in a circle around a fireplace and everybody was enjoying the excellent food and discussing the sightings of the drive.


This was a perfect day, Safari Style!


Once more many thanks to Katja for the stunning pictures and a nice description of what a day in the bush feels like.


Your Trouver Services Crew.

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